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Business Licence Application


This application has several workflows based on the application type and nature of business, and has been optimized for user experience. 

This application is for:

  • New businesses (includes Non-local contractors)
  • Activation of an Intermunicipal Business Licence in Stony Plain for a Spruce Grove or Parkland County business

All businesses must complete this application, including:

  • Fee excempt businesses:
    • Registered non-profits
    • Professionals exempt by legistlation
    • Youth businesses
  • Businesses with a valid business licence eligible for the Intermunicipal Business Licence Arrangement from the City of Spruce Grove


Is your business's operating address in Stony Plain?
Was your business issued a licence from the Town in the previous year?
Is your business's operating name different than its legal name?
Check any that apply