Flooding Response Questionnaire

July 2019 Intense Rainfall and Floods

On both July 7th and July 15th, 2019, very intense rainfall events hit the Town of Stony Plain. These resulted in flooding on streets and on properties, water entering buildings through openings, sewer backups, and damaged vehicles and properties. These events have prompted the Town of Stony Plain to assess what happened, identify which areas flooded and why they flooded, and determine what the Town can do to reduce the risk of flooding in the future.

This questionnaire is for Town of Stony Plain residents and businesses that were directly affected by the flooding events. However, all residents/businesses are invited to complete the questionnaire, even if their house/business was not flooded. These responses will provide valuable information on the nature of the problem at specific locations, and they will allow us to focus flood mitigation efforts in the most affected areas.