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Heritage Park Booking Request

Please submit this form in it's entirety to request booking a venue at Heritage Park.


  • This form is a request only and not confirmation of booking.
  • Please review layouts and fees information prior to completing this form.
  • You will receive follow-up information with availability and contract requirements.


Will you require additional time to set up?
Will you require additional time to take down?
What facility are you requesting?
Are you requesting any of the additional spaces: Bluegrass stage, commercial kitchen, East parking lot, Kinsmen concession, Pavilion washrooms, servery, and/or West green space
What type of event are you planning?
What layout will you require?
Audio required?
Video required?
Stage Required?
Will you require the podium?
How many microphones will you need?
Linens for tables?
Please check off additional tables you will need:
Will you have any rental companies delivering items?
Will the event be catered?
Will there be alcohol at your event? (Note: you will be required to obtain a liquor licence and liquor liability insurance)